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    How to Cook dishes from Poland

    Poland Poland is famous for its agricultural produce, and it is from this that Polish cuisine draws most of its ingredients. Some highlights of Polish cuisine include cereals (such as barley, buckwheat, millet, rye, and wheat), fermented diary products (curd cheese, sour cream, and soured milk), pickled vegetables (including beetroot, cabbage, cucumber, and kohlrabi), pickled herring from the Baltic, and of course for the world-famous kielbasa (the Polish sausage).

    Some popular Polish recipes and dishes include:
    • Barszcz - The Polish version of borscht. A soup made from red beetroot, onions, garlic and other vegetables. Bacon, other meats, or cut vegetables may sometimes be added. On Christmas Eve, a vegetarian version of soup is eaten with small dumplings (uszka) filled with mushrooms or kapusta kiszona (the Polish version of sauerkraut).

    • Bigos - A stew made from fermented cabbage (kapusta kiszona - the Polish version of sauerkraut) or fresh cabbage, with meat. Mushrooms, tomatoes, and honey are also usually added, as are various seasonings such as bay leaf, caraway, juniper berries, marjoram, pepper or pimento. Various meats may be used, including bacon, beef, ham, kielbasa (Polish sausage), pork (sometimes smoked), or venison. Bigos is usually served with rye bread and potatoes.

    • Kapusta Kiszona - Sauerkraut

    • Kartacze - Potato dumplings stuffed with meat and marjoram.

    • Kielbasa - A traditional Polish sausage. There are many varieties, which fall into two broad categories: fresh and dry.


    • Knysza - Pita bread with meat and cabbage.

    • Kopytka - Baked potato dumplings served with bacon, cheese, or onion.

    • Kwaśnica - A stew made from meat and kapusta kiszona (the Polish version of sauerkraut).

    • Pierogi - Stuffed boiled dumplings. They are often filled with quark cheese, potatoes and fried onions (Russkie pierogi)

    • Zrazy wolowe - Beef chops in sauce.

    • Zrazy wolowe zawijane - Chopped dill cucumbers and onions wrapped with thin strips of beef.

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    Polish Cookbooks

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    Polska: New Polish Cooking

    By Zuza Zak

    Zak Zuza
    Released: 2016-09-06
    Hardcover (256 pages)

    Polska: New Polish Cooking
    List Price: $35.00*
    Lowest New Price: $21.19*
    Lowest Used Price: $15.61*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 02:40 Pacific 13 Dec 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Polska New Polish Cooking
    Product Description:
    This is a fresh new take on Polish cooking from young food writer Zuza Zak. The food of Poland has long been overlooked, but the time is right for a reinvention, with an estimated 10 million people of Polish descent living in the US. Zuza presents her contemporary take on Polish cuisine, with lavishly photographed recipes for snacks, party foods, soups, preserves, breads, fish, meat and poultry, salads, and desserts. She places Polish food within the context of the country's history and geography, and tracks how it has developed and adapted to Poland's ever-changing political and economic situation. Polska is a breath of fresh air.

    Polish Classic Recipes (Classics Series)

    By Peter Zeranski

    Polish Cookbooks
    Released: 2011-04-05
    Hardcover (96 pages)

    Polish Classic Recipes (Classics Series)
    List Price: $16.95*
    Lowest New Price: $13.27*
    Lowest Used Price: $10.42*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 02:40 Pacific 13 Dec 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Polish Classic Recipes
    Product Description:
    Hospitality and hearty food are the hallmarks of the Polish dining experience. This classic and concise cookbook features dozens of favorite Polish dishes showcasing a variety of flavors, preparation techniques, and ingredient selections. With titles given in both Polish and English, recipes range from cucumber salad and beet soup to pork cutlets and potato pancakes. A chapter devoted to pierogi presents the dumplings with an assortment of fillings, and the final chapter of sweets tops off any meal in true Polish fashion. Like all the books in Pelican's Classic Recipe Series, the entries in this collection were carefully selected to provide a cross section of memorable and authentic dishes. Organized by course, the offerings range from appetizers and salads to sides and sweets, featuring the most iconic and national of dishes--Hunter's Stew and Barszcz--alongside simple comfort food and a handful of desserts, including honey cake, poppy seed rolls, and chocolate mazurka.
    Designed for the modern kitchen yet retaining traditional roots, each heritage recipe has been tested to perfection. Accompanied by notes on Polish holiday customs, history, and menu pairing suggestions, these dishes offer a flavorful sample of the Polish dining experience, as passed down from generation to generation.

    Crisper Tray Recipe Cookbook: Newest Complete Revolutionary Nonstick Copper Basket Air Fryer Style Cookware. Works Magic on Any Grill, Stovetop or in ... Healthy Way! (Crispy Creations) (Volume 1)

    By J. Martinez

    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
    Paperback (150 pages)

    Crisper Tray Recipe Cookbook: Newest Complete Revolutionary Nonstick Copper Basket Air Fryer Style Cookware. Works Magic on Any Grill, Stovetop or in ... Healthy Way! (Crispy Creations) (Volume 1)
    List Price: $14.99*
    Lowest New Price: $14.53*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 02:40 Pacific 13 Dec 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    Product Description:
    Extended Cyber Monday Prices...Limited Time Only!

    Let the Crisper Basket Work the Magic!

    Simple and easy to make recipes that will have you cooking like your favorite chef right in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy cooking again and make the meals that grandma used to make! It’s fun and easy, so impress your friends, family and loved ones, and do it in a healthy way!
    Some of these recipes you may have thought were the same favorites you have enjoyed at some of the restaurants you love most. Some of these recipes include: BEEF: • Personal Mushroom Beef Wellington • Espresso Flavored Beef • Oven Roasted Barbeque Brisket • Orange Peel Marinated Pepper Steak • Sweet And Spicy Prime Rib CHICKEN: • Italian Style Rosemary Chicken Nachos • Tangy Roasted Basil Chicken Legs • Creamy Alfredo And Chicken Sausage Pizza • Cayenne Honey Herb Roasted Whole Chicken LAMB: • Dijon Mustard Crusted Rack Of Lamb PORK: • Ranch Style Pork Chops • Ham And Cheese Turnover • Sweet And Savory Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin SEAFOOD: • Scallops With Brown Sugar Pear Sauce • Sautéed Halibut With Bacon Scallions • Copper Crisper Style Salmon Cakes • Cheesy Baked Tuna Cakes VEGGIE: • Vegetarian Sesame Seed Spring Rolls • Vegetarian Style Ravioli • Eggplant Parmigiana Cakes • Spicy Maple Syrup Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes DESSERT: • Golden S’more Cookies • Chocolate Chip Pan Cookies • Sheet Cake Fruit Cookies • Caramel Candy Pecan Pie Cookies GLUTEN FREE: • Gluten Free Monsterlicious Cookie Bars • Gluten Free Pork Pan Nachos • Gluten Free Oven Crispy Green Beans • Gluten Free Chicken and Vegetables • Gluten Free Sizzling Crispy Fried Fish • Gluten Free Savory Southern Fried Chicken • Gluten Free Oven Baked Buttermilk Doughnuts • Gluten Free Parmesan Style Pork Chops • Gluten Free Brown Sugar Oven Fried Steak Get this MUST HAVE recipe book while they last! Start enjoying your new “Non-Stick Cooking Lifestyle Experience NOW! FREE SHIPPING for Prime members! 100% Money-back guarantee. To order, just scroll back up and click the BUY button!

    Treasured Polish Recipes For Americans

    Sokolowski Marie
    Hardcover (168 pages)

    Treasured Polish Recipes For Americans
    List Price: $24.95*
    Lowest New Price: $24.95*
    Lowest Used Price: $12.99*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 02:40 Pacific 13 Dec 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Ships from Vermont
    Product Description:

    For three generations, Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans has been a favorite of cooks and diners who savor and appreciate authentic Polish cuisine. Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans preserves the integrity and unique qualities of delicious Polish cooking while making it accessible to anyone, even those with no experience preparing Eastern European food.

    Craving traditional Polish Kiełbasa or Kapusta Świeża na Kwaśno (sweet sour cabbage), or how about Kapusta Czarwona (red cabbage), Śledzie Marynowane (pickled herring), Czarnina (duck soup) with Kluski, or nearly a dozen varieties of Pierogi and Pączki (fried donuts with filling)? Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans includes these recipes and many many more. With almost 500 recipes, every meal and practically every dish is covered, including a multi-course Christmas dinner.

    More than just a collection of recipes, Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans takes the reader on a tour of Polish culinary customs, dishes, and traditions. It also gives advice on foundational cooking techniques, ingredients, and sauces enabling you to master and improvise your own Polish-style dishes.

    Accented with Polish folk art, this timeless cookbook offers a charming and satisfying experience for both your stomach and spirit.

    Perfect Pierogi Recipes

    By Rose Wysocki

    Paperback (196 pages)

    Perfect Pierogi Recipes
    List Price: $8.95*
    Lowest New Price: $8.94*
    Lowest Used Price: $4.51*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 02:40 Pacific 13 Dec 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Perfect Pierogi Recipes
    Product Description:
    • Rose also has another book you might like: Perfect Polish Dessert Recipes.
    In Perfect Pierogi Recipes Rose Wysocki shares both traditional and contemporary recipes for pierogi dough, fillings and toppings. Some are recipes from her Polish Mother and Grandmother. Others are recipes she's collected or developed over the years.

    You'll find a total of 51 recipes. They are very easy to make. Included are recipes for: 10 different pierogi doughs (traditional and contemporary), 15 savory fillings, 6 sweet fillings, 3 traditional pierogi toppings, 2 contemporary toppings, 9 compound butters and 6 sauces. You'll also find a list of 16 additional traditional toppings and 10 contemporary toppings (without recipes.)Finally you'll find a lot of information about the history of pierogi, how to make pierogi dough, different methods to cut, stuff and seal the pierogi, how to boil, saute, deep fry or bake pierogi, how to freeze pierogi and more.

    Rose also provides information about a couple of pierogi cutting and sealing tools that will save you a lot of time in preparing pierogi.Making pierogi at home is really easy if you have the right directions. This book will give you a head start on making perfect pierogi for your family in your home.

    Authentic Polish Cooking: 120 Mouthwatering Recipes, from Old-Country Staples to Exquisite Modern Cuisine

    By Marianna Dworak

    Dworak Marianna
    Paperback (176 pages)

    Authentic Polish Cooking: 120 Mouthwatering Recipes, from Old-Country Staples to Exquisite Modern Cuisine
    List Price: $15.99*
    Lowest New Price: $10.57*
    Lowest Used Price: $8.50*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 02:40 Pacific 13 Dec 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Authentic Polish Cooking 120 Mouthwatering Recipes from Old Country Staples to Exquisite Modern Cuisine
    Product Description:
    Polish cuisine is hearty and filling, and though some may think the Polish diet is all meat and potatoes, that is far from the truth. With its rich soups, innumerable salads and side dishes, tasty fish and vegetarian meals, colorful and delectable desserts, and yes, meat and potato fare, this cuisine consists of a wide variety of dishes incorporating a broad selection of cultural and regional influences that will have you licking your lips.

    Organized by course, this cookbook features more than one hundred recipes, including beet soup, cucumber salad, potato pancakes, Hunter’s Stew, pork and rice stuffed cabbage leaves, traditional “babka” cake, and of course, pierogies! Numerous recipes for veal, chicken, kielbasa sausage, pork, and beef dishes make this a great and thorough cookbook that is a fantastic addition to any kitchen.

    With easy-to-follow instructions for simple as well as more intricate dishes, a section on traditional holiday meals, estimated cooking times, and suggestions for healthy ingredient substitutions, this cookbook will teach anyone how to cook delicious Polish food. For those wishing to re-create their grandmother’s favorite recipe, or those wanting to experience a new cuisine, Authentic Polish Cooking will bring a bit of Eastern Europe to your home.

    Skyhorse Publishing, along with our Good Books and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of cookbooks, including books on juicing, grilling, baking, frying, home brewing and winemaking, slow cookers, and cast iron cooking. We’ve been successful with books on gluten-free cooking, vegetarian and vegan cooking, paleo, raw foods, and more. Our list includes French cooking, Swedish cooking, Austrian and German cooking, Cajun cooking, as well as books on jerky, canning and preserving, peanut butter, meatballs, oil and vinegar, bone broth, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

    Pierogi Love: New Takes on an Old-World Comfort Food

    By Casey Barber

    Released: 2015-07-01
    Hardcover (128 pages)

    Pierogi Love: New Takes on an Old-World Comfort Food
    List Price: $19.99*
    Lowest New Price: $13.25*
    Lowest Used Price: $7.95*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 02:40 Pacific 13 Dec 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Gibbs Smith Publishers
    Product Description:
    This tasty tribute to the pierogi takes a familiar wrapping and stuffs it with a host of unconventional, innovative, and decidedly non-traditional fillings. With 60 sweet and savory recipes that include everything from the classic Polish cheddar and potato offerings to American-inspired Reuben pierogies and fried apple pie-rogies to worldly fillings like falafel and Nutella, there's a pierogi for every party and every palate! Each recipe comes with a charming story from Barber's extensive explorations in pierogi flavors.

    CASEY BARBER is a freelance food writer, photographer, and editor of the critically acclaimed website Good. Food. Stories. Her work has appeared in numerous national publications including Gourmet Live, ReadyMade, Today.com, The Kitchn, and DRAFT. Casey is also the author of Classic Snacks Made from Scratch: 70 Homemade Versions of Your Favorite Brand-Name Treats (Ulysses Press, 2013) and the co-writer of Inspired Bites: Unexpected Ideas for Entertaining from Pinch Food Design (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2014).

    Rose Petal Jam: Recipes and Stories from a Summer in Poland

    By Beata Zatorska

    Beata Zatorska
    Hardcover (320 pages)

    Rose Petal Jam: Recipes and Stories from a Summer in Poland
    List Price: $35.00*
    Lowest New Price: $31.21*
    Lowest Used Price: $21.00*
    *(As of 02:40 Pacific 13 Dec 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Rose Petal Jam
    Product Description:

    Part memoir and part travelogue, this unique cookbook that the story of Beata Zatorska's childhood in rural Poland, mixing stories of her youth and her grandmother’s handwritten recipes with stunning photos of Poland in summer. Included are more than 60 recipes for traditional Polish home cooked meals, from poppyseed cake and pierogi to fruit-flavored summer liqueurs. The photography—ranging across locales such as Warsaw, Poznan, the Tatra Mountains, and the Baltic Sea—showcases the Polish landscape and its influence on the country’s distinct cuisine.

    Polish Cookery : Poland's Bestselling Cookbook Adapted for American Kitchens

    By Marja Ochorowicz-Monatowa

    Clarkson Potter
    Released: 1968-04-13
    Hardcover (314 pages)

    Polish Cookery : Poland s Bestselling Cookbook Adapted for American Kitchens
    List Price: $18.99*
    Lowest New Price: $8.20*
    Lowest Used Price: $3.91*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 02:40 Pacific 13 Dec 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    • The Crown Classic Cookbook Series
    Product Description:
    Poland, like France, is a country where people really know food. One can stop at a wayside inn in the country or at a modest restaurant in a working-class city neighborhood and be served a meal worth remembering. Good food is a tradition.

    Polish Cookery is an American adaptation of Uniwersalna Ksiazka Kucharska (The Universal Cookbook), long the most famous standard cookbook in Poland. All weights and measures have been converted to American usage, and suitable substitutions are provided for hard-to-get ingredients. The recipes range from the familiar to the exotic and include soups like Polish Mushroom and Barley Soup, Fresh Cabbage Soup, many variations of Barszcz, the famous Polish beet soup, and Sorrel Soup with Sour Cream.

    The Poles are very fond of pates, dumplings, and meat pastries. In Polish Cookery, you'll find recipes for Meat Patties, Potato Croquettes, Venison Pastry, Partridge Pie, Game Pate, many variations on the celebrated Pierogi, or dough pockets, and Buckwheat Cakes.

    Authentic entrees include Loin of Venison, Roast Wild Goose, Smothered Pike, Turkey in Madeira Sauce. Chicken Casserole with Currants, Smothered Duck in Caper Sauce, Hussar Pot Roast, Tenderloin Smothered in Sour Cream, and perhaps Poland's most famous dish, Bigos, or Hunter's Stew.

    To round out the Polish meal, there are recipes for Mashed Turnips and Potatoes, Split Pea Fritters, Stuffed Kohlrabi, Fried Carrots, Mushroom Ramekins, and Pearl Barley with Dried Mushrooms.

    Finally Polish Cookery offers such dessert treats as Almond Torte, Cracow Torte, Spice Cake, and Almond Babka.

    Polish cuisine evolved over centuries, a combination of East and West, aristocratic hauteur and peasant fare. It is a rich culinary heritage that is faithfully represented here in Polish Cookery.

    Polish Classic Desserts (Classics)

    By Peter Zeranski

    Laura Zeranski
    Released: 2013-02-11
    Hardcover (96 pages)

    Polish Classic Desserts (Classics)
    List Price: $16.95*
    Lowest New Price: $14.31*
    Lowest Used Price: $14.98*
    Temporarily out of stock. Order now and we'll deliver when available. We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship the item.*
    *(As of 02:40 Pacific 13 Dec 2017 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Polish Classic Desserts
    Product Description:

    Serving up Poland's sweetest traditions. Traditional home cooks and fashionable foodies alike should be sure to save room for Poland's sweet addition to our Classic Recipes Series! Taste your way through mazurkas, babas, pastries, and puddings-treats that all call upon a rich culinary history. The recipes range from simple almond tea cookies to ornate delicacies for High Holiday family meals.

    America's Restaurant Recipes


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